Jared Pere
Sculptor - Wood, Stone, Metal - abstract and figurative

"The story is most important. I bring the story to life in my creations."

If you have walked through the gates of the Polynesian Cultural Center within the past 15 years, you no doubt have seen Jared's work. He has been a master artisan there creating the visual signage, three dimensional tikis, cultural sculptures, and various carved artifacts scattered throughout the park.

Now he brings his expertise and experience as a featured artisan. With a degree in Maori cultural art, this artisan has years of experience in the other Polynesian island arts as well. He is a sculptor, carver, and artist who creates in wood, stone, metal, and bone. He seamlessly melds the old styles and methods with modern equipment.

Custom projects are welcome. Contact us for a quote.

Maori Taiaha
Maori Taiaha

Students train years mastering the movements, balance, timing and coordination involved in using the taiaha.

Regular price: $395.00
Sale price: $295.00

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