Not everyone has access to the materials necessary to make costumes so Pola Teriipaia is now providing a customized Tahitian dance costume service to those who are unable to make their own costumes. She loves working on new designs and coming up with innovative ideas.

Pola is not only an accomplished costume designer and artisan, she is a respected and established ra'atira (teacher) of Tahitian dance in Hawaii. Her award-winning dance group, Manutahi Tahiti, is known for their elaborate and culturally sensitive performance costumes.

At an early age, Pola was exposed to the dance. Later, after retiring from Tihati Productions, and under the tutelage of her father-in-law, Iaona Teriipaia, she began teaching Tahitian dance and costume making. She is known for paying attention to details and bringing natural themes to vivid life.

One of the things that Pola has emphasized with her dancers is the need to be able to make their own costumes. Whether it be with shells, feathers, leaves or any other natural fibers, she insists on making quality costumes that will last for their purposes.

Oviri Tahitian Dance Costume
Oviri Tahitian Dance Costume

The Oviri Tahitian dance costume is one of Pola's signature styles of costume. It includes the hipband (hatua), feathered cape (tahei), and headband (hei).

Toa Tahitian Dance Costume
Toa Tahitian Dance Costume

Whether there is a need for a chief to look more the part or if you want your entire group outfitted, this is a great choice for your Tahitian dance mens costume.


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