Drawing from a long tradition of dancing, our artisan, Tahia Foster Parker is now creating Tahitian dance costumes outside of her own dance group - Marania Haoragi. Tahia's family has been very influential in the nurturing of Tahitian dance in French Polynesia. Her love of the culture lead to her establishing her own group after graduating BYU Hawaii and moving on from the Polynesian Cultural Center.

As a featured soloist and accomplished dancer, Tahia knows what works on Tahitian dance costumes. Her attention to detail and desire to create breathtaking costumes is evident in every design. After dancing all her life she knows what works best when dancers perform fa'arapu, tamau, tumami, varu or whatever creative move comes to mind.

Tahia creates costumes based on themes. She takes information, whether it is from song and dance, color, or story and integrates it into her design. So from the get go, you know you will have a unique design. She loves to collaborate with soloists and groups to bring the designs into vivid reality.

Although Tahia creates the costume with a soloist approach, don't be fooled. She can create costumes for an entire group if called upon.

Hinakura Soloist Tahitian Dance Costume
Hinakura Soloist Tahitian Dance Costume

All eyes will be on you when you come out wearing Tahia's favorite costume - the Hinakura, featureing a unique and striking headdress.

Maiana Hipband
Maiana Hipband

Let's shake things up a bit. That's an understatement with this hipband. The Maiana hipband (hatua) is full of character and attitude.


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