Ura Behling
Pareu and costume designer... and Tahitian cuisine chef

With decades of experience, Ura has dyed all of the Mahana Pareos for Black Pearl Designs. She was a pioneer of the method and still does it the same way as when she first did it with her daughters and sold them from her home. She tirelessly stands out in the sun dying and laying out the pareus, adding the motifs, sea salt and palm leaves.

The Tahitian handicraft is a labor of love for her. She loves that people enjoy her art and loves making each new color that we imagine.

In addition to the pareus, she is a veteran costume maker as well. Her hipbands and Tahitian skirts have been a great addition to our offerings. She is constantly creating accessories and fresh flower Tahitian tiare arrangements. If only we could find a way to offer them to you. And last but not least, we had to mention her culinary creativity, especially her Tahitian po'e and Poisson Cru.

Contact us for a custom project.

Mahana Pareo
Mahana Pareo

Created from the warm sunshine and dried with cool tropic breeze, each of our Mahana Pareo are unique one-of-a-kind works of wearable art.

Regular price: $22.00
Sale price: $19.00, 5/$85.00
Mahana Mini Pareo
Mahana Mini Pareo

Half the size doesn't mean half the fun. In fact you'll probably have more fun. Our Mahana Mini Pareo is just right - light and breezy, soft and ready to give you the attention you want.

Regular price: $14.00
Sale price: $11.00, 5/$50.00
Mahana Pareo Set
Mahana Pareo Set

Options? Choices? We make it as easy as a click or make it a fun creative choice. Choose from a matching color set or make your own.

Regular price: $34.00
Sale price: $30.00, 5/$120.00
Heiva Hipband
Heiva Hipband

If you are looking to sneak up on someone, this hipband is probably not suggested. As you move your hips, the shells move to create a distinctively tropical chiming sound.

Regular price: $195.00
Sale price: $175.00
Tahitian Hula Skirt
Tahitian Hula Skirt

This is no imitation! Handmade, each skirt is carefully made to fit your hula hips.

Huruhuru Ori Tahiti Hipband
Huruhuru Ori Tahiti Hipband

The hipband features mother-of-pearl shells surrounded by plumes of feathers that give an unmistakable island look. Two colors of skirt tassles add to the depth of the costume.


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