Click to enlargeHaka: A Living Tradition

Written by Wira Gardiner

The Haka has always been a vital part of Maori culture and tradition.  It provides a powerful and dramatic vehicle for welcoming visitors, for challenging opponents ( as at international rugby matches), for rejoicing in victories, for protesting injustices, and for celebrating culture and a way of life.

This story of the haka begins with its origins, its use in Maori legend and in the early Maori world, and the observations of it by the first European explorers.  It discusses the various haka types, the roles of men and women, the origins and importance of the well-known Ka Mate! haka, and how this special dance has been used in war, sport and politics.

There are many beautiful old photos of haka throughout the book, as well as detailed illustrations.  Details on how to perform the Ka Mate! haka are given in words and drawings.  

A fabulous book for all New Zealanders, and anyone from around the world interested in this amazing dance.

Softcover: 112 pages.

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