Click to enlargeHaleiwa - A Pictorial History

Written by Tom Jacobs, Photography by Bill Romerhaus

Hale‘iwa is a place in time. Situated on O‘ahu’s North Shore, visitors to this picturesque 100 year-old plantation town are almost always struck by the charm of its comfortable storefront buildings, the easy-going pace of its residents, and the town’s friendly aloha spirit.

This book captures that spirit. It traces Hale‘iwa from the time of its thatched-hut roots of the original Polynesian settlers, through the years of the Hawaiian Kingdom, into the fields of Waialua Sugar Plantation, into the elegant drawing rooms of the Hale‘iwa Hotel, right up to the emergence of Hale‘iwa town’s place as today’s surfing capital of Hawai‘i – and quite arguably, the world’s "surf city" as the world’s best surfers congregate on this sleepy town during the North Shore winter surf season each year.

This story is told with photos that are in some cases, one hundred years old. Alongside these historic photos, brilliant state-of-the art color photography brings present-day Hale‘iwa and the North Shore of O‘ahu to vibrant life. The authors have tried hard to capture the sight and feel of a town and an area that represents the "country" to the people of O‘ahu. Hale‘iwa is a town that is truly a "place in time".

Hardcover: 88 pages.

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