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Chock full of marvelous illustrations, this retro book chronicles the Hawaiian Island during the pre-jet age, from just after World War II to statehood in 1959. This was an era of sweetness, innocence and easy living. Hawai'i was truly a tropical paradise, its popularity fueled by South Seas - themed Hollywood films of the previous two decades.

By the end of the fifties came statehood and jet travel - accompanied by a building book, planes crammed with tourists and a quickened pace. Hawai'i hasn't been the same since. "Leis, Luaus and Alohas allows the reader to travel back in time to those slower, sweeter days and to experience Hawai'i as it was for the travelers who arrived in style by steamship or after a 9 1/2 hour flight from the West Coast.

The 1950s style - splashy, stylized and colorful - is reflected in the artwork and graphics of the period. Pop culture Hawaiian-style, with its roots in the 1950s, was copied worldwide in fashion and décor. Included in this book are over 220 illustrations, ranging from watercolors for restaurant menus and advertising art to tourist brochures and matchbook covers. There are also rare vintage photos made by visitors in the fifties.

In illustrations and text, "Leis, Luaus and Alohas" captures a bygone era and takes the reader on a fun-filled, nostalgic journey to the Hawai'i of yesterday.

Hardcover: 112 pages

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