Click to enlargeMajestueuse Polynesie

Written by Michel Renaudeau and Jean-Pierre Chanial

In French

At the beginning, there was peace. A clear blue sky, the crystal lagoon and a silence of paddles slicing through the waves. Then came a caress of a breeze, the song of the wind blowing through coconut leaves and the ballet of multicolored fish. Then the voices of a sailor, the notes of the ukulele which carry until broad the love songs, and even the laughter of children were heard. At the far reaches of the Pacific, the islands existed in a sheltered world.

Then the discoverers, Bougainville, Cook came, the artists followed after, Segalen, Loti, the painters, Matisse, Gauguin. Gerbault, Moitissier, Tabarly, Colas, Brel, Antoine, Brando. They settled in Tahiti, left for the Marquesas, travelled towards the atolls of Tuamotus, landed upon the beaches of Bora-Bora or discovered the Southern islands. All stray travellers or renowned adventurers found their dreams here. All discovered a life similar to Robinson Crusoe here, an idyllic happiness, a retirement within a world different from European life. In Polynesia, they found their paradise.

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