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Written by Claude Robineau
Photographs by Erwin Christian
Illustrations by Gilles Cauneau

Moorea -- like the other Society islands and all he Polynesian archipelagos -- was created by the gods. In the case of Moorea, the god Tu was appointed by the supreme god Taaroa to carry out his wishes. According to legend, Tu was guiding the big fish Tahiti towards Raiatea (Leeward Islands) when the fin fell off the fish, thus to become Tahiti-iti (little Tahiti). Seen from a plan, encircled by its sandy lagoon of emerald and blue fringed with foam, Moorea, with its large bays and extraordinarily shaped mountains, is a masterpiece of nature. Created in Tahiti, "Les Editions du Pacifique" have quite naturally shown an interest in the neighboring islands of the Pacific. This interest was later extended to the rest of the pacific and finally to islands all over the world which have similar characteristics. The aim of this series is to present some of the world's most beautiful islands to those who wish to discover them, as well as offering an up-to-date souvenir to those who already know them. Each book in the series describes in full the geography, people, traditions and customs, history and economy of the island in question. Timeless photographs reveal to us the landscapes, people, soul and charm of the islands in all their beauty and color.

Hardcover: 192 pages.

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