Click to enlargeTahiti 1904/1921

Written and photographed by Lucien Gauthier

In French

"I discovered this splendid sight. In the foreground, large pandanuses bordered the river; with a far, very high mountain, two immense waterfalls appeared and disappeared in vegetation. I arrived at the ideal moment where all the landscape was reflected in the river… Moments favorable to photography are very hidden in Tahiti…" . 1904 - one year after the death of Gauguin - Lucien Gauthier discovered Tahiti. During seventeen years, he worked tirelessly to record through his photographs, the beauty of this paradise. This book presents an anthology of the hundreds of beautiful images he discovered. A homage to French Polynesia and the art of photography; two passions that Lucien Gauthier shares with us.

Hardcover: 159 pages.

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