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We make it as easy as a click or make it a fun creative choice. Quickly becoming a favorite, the Mahana Pareo is one of the most vibrant and creatively Tahitian choices you'll make for your beachwear needs. The Mahana Mini Pareo can add that added flair. Wear both at the same time. Wear the mini on top and the full size on the bottom. Or just wear one (we'll let you decide how). Choose from a matching color set or make your own. We're open to your color needs and can always do custom orders as well (allow 2-3 weeks for custom orders).

Created from the warm sunshine and dried with cool tropic breeze, each of our Mahana style pareos are unique one-of-a-kind works of wearable art. Our favorite aunties work with photo sensitive dyes, tropic motifs, island salts and light, soft and airy cotton fabric. Extremely comfortable, the Mahana (sun) Pareo hugs your body's natural curves yet can flow freely in the slightest wind. It's soft-to-the-touch and breathes effortlessly. 100% light weight cotton. Mahana Pareo is 72 inches x 45 inches. Mahana Mini Pareo is 60 inches x 22 inches. Multiple washings soften. Serged finished edges for light weight tying convenience.

Each of the colors are hand dyed. Along with sea salt and themed silhouette, the pareos are dried in the sun to lock in the colors. Lehua Red and Hibiscus Pink features hibiscus, Coral Orange features the bird of paradise, Yellow Ginger features tropical flowers, Rainforest Green features monsterra, Light Blue Ocean and Twilight Blue features ocean motifs, and Tahiti Purple features hibiscus.

Select from:
brown_tapa lehua_red veraura coral_orange yellow_ginger citrus_lime
Brown Tapa Lehua Red Hibiscus Pink Coral Orange Yellow Ginger Citrus Lime
palm_green teahupoo_seaspray bora_bora_lagoon twilight_blue tahiti_purple navenave_purple
Palm Green Teahupoo Seaspray Bora Bora Lagoon Twilight Blue Tahiti Purple Nave Nave Purple
huahine_rainbow rehu_ash_gray motu_volcano tahitian_garden hinas_fire teatea_blue_brown
Huahine Rainbow Rehu Ash Gray Motu Volcano Tahitian Garden Hina's Fire Teatea Blue & Brown
bella rainforest_leaves        
Bella Pink & Brown Rainforest Leaves        

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Mahana Pareo Set
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Mahana Pareo: 
Mahana Mini Pareo: 
Mahana Pareo (Custom):
Mahana Mini Pareo (Custom):
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