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You won't ever meet a Maori who hasn't heard of a Manaia. Maori legends depict the Manaia as a birdlike figure with a human form, a spiritual guardian who provides and protects over the earth, sky and sea. Carvers and artisans have told that the Manaia is a holder of great spiritual energy and is a guardian against evil.

This unmistakably Maori design is hand carved in bone. Abstract and stylized motifs are combined to create the distinctive patterns inspired by the nature surrounding its artist. Some designs include small inlays of paua shell. The art of Maori bone carving has been handed down from generation to generation. Today's artists continue the ancient traditions and create new and modern art as well.

Black waxed cord may be tied to fit individual length preference. Natural cords include bone toggle. Bone toggles included on some designs for ease in fitting.




Manaia - Tahi
Manaia - Rua
Manaia - Toru
Manaia - Wha
Approx height
1.6 inches
(40 mm)
Approx height
2 inches
(50 mm)
Approx height
2.75 inches
(70 mm)
Approx height
1.75 inches
(45 mm)

Height of Manaia are approximations.

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Maori Bone Manaia
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