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Take a trip back to the islands. Imagine walking off the airplane greeted with fragrant flowers, aparima dancers and live musicians. With upbeat music featuring Tahitian ukuleles and lyrics and traditional toere drumming in the background, this album's soft melodies bring back fond memories of the islands of French Polynesia.

1. Tamure - Charley Mauu   11. Tangi Tika - Eddie Lund
2. Vana Vana   12. E Tupiti - Eddie Lund
3. Rapio   13. Hoe Ana - Eddie Lund
4. Tiare   14. Puatoro Hellaby - Eddie Lund
5. Cafe au Lait - Charley Mauu   15. Ia Manu Pukarua - Eddie Lund
6. Vahine Anamite - Eddie Lund   16. Te Manu Pukarua - Eddie Lund
7. Vini Vini - Yves Roche   17. Banane - Yves Roche
8. Otuitui Tau Mafatu - Yves Roche   18. Te Ume Horotini - Yves Roche
9. Aue Ua Reka   19. Na'u Haka - Yves Roche
10. Porohiti, Hei   20. Mauruuru a Vau - Eddie Lund

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Charlie Mauu - The Heart of Tahiti - 20 Top Tahitian Tunes by Authentic Island Stars NEW! Download "Heart of Tahiti" by the song or by the album

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