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The traditional music and dance of Tahiti are kept alive by the talented group LES GRANDS BALLETS DE TAHITI, a group which is featured throughout French Polynesia. Les Grands Ballets De Tahiti is a professional dance troupe that evokes the essence of the Tahitian Islands and the energetic and grandure of their island home. Their dances, rhythms, music and songs, carry the spirit between traditional and contemporary. Founded in its current form in 1998.

1. I Aorana   8. Mananao Van Ia Oe
2. Ruahine   9. Mihiavai
3. Hi'o O Mai   10. Mahana Api
4. J'Aime   11. Ote'a Tahiti Tahiti
5. Ataraioio   12. Ote'a Amore
6. Te Tantai Auhure   13. Anapa
7. Te Tura Ote Her   14. Oviri
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