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Gaze upon your Little Brown Gal and there is no resisting her happy, laughing spirit. Her charm is her friendly, playful spirit. She is a delight to behold as she eases into her dance, her body swaying to the music or the beat of  the drums, meaning in every undulating motion. There is no embrace in all her dances, be they slow and languorous, or fierce and fiery. But her eyes speak to you of laughter, of joy and of Hawaiian hospitality. Enchanted, you watch her dance and sing, never wanting to break the delightful spell your Little Brown Gal has cast on you. You have a rendezvous with LITTLE BROWN GAL!

Perfect for Tahitian dance practice, your Polynesian theme party, or for bringing back those wonderful exotic memories from Paradise!

1. Tiare Tahiti   7. Tu E
2. Pakakina   8. Tahiti Nui
3. Otamu   9. Te Arapo
4. Fakateni   10. Te Oriori Ra
5. Ina   11. Rutu
6. Taku Moe   12. Hivinau

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