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The Makaha Sons are truly one of the most entertaining groups in Hawai’i. For nearly three decades, they have championed our Hawaiian music, performing it in their inimitable style. That the Sons have brought such pleasure to so many fans both here and beyond Hawai’i with their non–stop touring is a testament to their unique talent.

1. Drums of the Islands/Waterfall   9. Pidgin English Hula
2. Little Brown Gal/My Little Grass Shack in Kealakekua Hawai'i   10. 'A 'Ole La
3. E Ku'u Morning Dew/Ke'ala [Live]   11. 'Ala Pikake
4. Na Kanaka Holo Lio   12. Lahaina Luna
5. Honolulu/Waikiki   13. Wahine Hele La
6. Hopoe   14. Punaiki 'Ea
7. E Revi/Kopihe   15. Hilo One/Pili Aumoe [Live]
8. Ke Alaula      

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