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In this album are captured the drums and songs that nearly every visitor to Hawaii wants to hear over and over again before his visit ends all too soon. Native Tahitian drums and dances are a delightful addition to the graceful Hawaiian hula. The teasing, provocative dances are a delight to watch, and the melodies in song are catchy and thrilling to the senses.

You can’t help but to emotionally respond to the call of the drums and thrill to their rhythm, you will feel them coming to you, surrounding you with their sound. Be careful, as  you too might catch that reckless island spirit for the moment. Perfect for Tahitian dance practice, your Polynesian theme party, or for bringing back those wonderful exotic memories from Paradise!

1. Pahae   10. Mati
2. Tau Tai   11. Takaroa
3. Vahine Tahiti   12. Bora Bora
4. Hellaby   13. Tu Paipai
5. Moorea   14. Paea
6. Toto To E   15. I Vaho
7. Pupure   16. De Gaulle
8. Tiare Anani   17. Mou'A
9. Tiare Taporo   18. Papara
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