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Get up and dance to the new album - A'ori
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Vaihitian is a mix of Tahitian and Hawaii music and culture. Throw in a little Latin spice and you have an album that is sure to be played again and again. The new album features new songs such as the title A'ori and reimagined classics Maheirava and Te Ume Horotini.

In all, 9 songs featuring the soothing voices of Aaron Kaonohi, Heiata Mai, Rod Tetuanui, Rob Tetuanui and introducing Raumata Tetuanui make up the Tahitian dance album. Aparima choreographers and dance groups are sure to delight in the beats, intricate guitar picks, lyrics and unmistakable Tahitian banjo and toere drums.

1. A'ori (3:53)
2. Afa'ahiti Vaira'o (2:22)
3. A Hio (3:05)
4. E Vahine Mata Ninamu (3:29)
5. Te Ume Horotini (3:56)
6. Hia'ai E Hani (3:05)
7. Maheirava (3:28)
8. Te Pua No'ano'a (4:49)
9. Taku Kimianga (3:34)

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Vaihitian - A'ori
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