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Welcome (Maeva) to the islands of Tahiti! That's exactly what our exclusively designed pareu says to everyone. It's a blend of old traditional motifs and modern style. This printed vibrant pareu is a fashion statement on its own. With the Tahitian tattoos and leaves, the Maeva design wouldn't be complete without the iconic tiare featured throughout the fabric. The classic texturing adds to the depth of the design. It's a tribute to the best of Tahiti and French Polynesia art.

A striking addition to your casual wardrobe. The Maeva Pareu is nothing if not versatile, so be creative - and comfortable. 100% Cotton Poplin (205 thread count). 72 inches x 45 inches. Original selvage edging and serged finished edges for light weight tying convenience. Fabric is lightly starched. Multiple washings soften.

Includes FREE How-to-tie instructions.

Minimum 5 Per Color

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brown_tapa_pareo green_tiare_pareo
Brown Tapa Green Tiare

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Maeva Pareu


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