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'Ula Fala. Handcrafted in Samoa.
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The 'Ula Fala are made from the pandanus fruit. The pieces are dried and painted red. The lei or necklace, measures approximately 45" long.

In Polynesia, red is usually the color reserved for royalty. Only royalty were permitted to wear the color. But it was more than that. From ancient times, it was to show respect and honor of the culture in addition to the person wearing it. The Matai (family chief), talking chief, orator, or high chief, wear the 'Ula Fala during special occasions and functions.

In addition to the 'Ula Fala, the Matai would also wear a woven lauhala (pandanus leaf) mat around his/her midriff. The talking chief would have a To'oto'o staff, usually carved with traditional Samoan motifs, and a Fue, or whisk, made of woven coconut husk fibers.


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Samoan 'Ula Fala
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