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The Samoan Nifo Oti has become an artform unto its own.
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Today it can be seen at some of the most formal of ceremonies in Samoa. But before that, it was a deadly close combat weapon. Nifo Oti, or "deadly tooth" were originally made of wood and had sharks teeth or boars tusk attached to create sharp edges.

In todays luaus you can see daring dances being performed using full sized knives lit on fire. This is a fairly modern evolutionary use of the knives and is used as entertainment in Polynesian dance productions and is called - fireknife dancing. It mimics the sweeping strikes used long ago in battle. Performers spin the knife or knives at high speeds and demonstrate their courage by executing dangerous moves with the live fire and sharp edged weapon.

Our representation is obviously a scaled down version that serves as a pendant. It's hand carved, and hand crafted in Samoa on beef bone. A traditional tattoo or tatau design is hand painted across the front. No two are alike. All handcrafted individually.

Pendant is 4 inches long and has a 23 inch black woven cord attached.

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Samoan Nifo Oti Bone Pendant
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