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Samoa rules! And with that you should know that Samoa has their own set of rules for the international game of cricket. The Samoan version (kiririki) is a fun game that stretches the regular rules to fit who is playing.

One of the best things is the ball that players use. It's so easy to make in Samoa due to the plentiful amount of rubber trees on the islands. It's as easy as walking down the path and stopping at the nearest rubber tree. With a little patience, you can wrap your own rubber ball and head down to the nearest game. The best rule of all - the home side automatically loses if they don’t provide enough food.

Our rubber balls are handmade from crafters in Samoa. Slightly smaller than a baseball and almost as hard, these rubber balls really bounce. Over time and use, they brown and show texture more prominently. Play ball.

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Samoan Rubber Cricket Ball
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