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The natural fibers known generically in the South Pacific as lauhala comes from the Pandanus tree. This tree is found on just about every island and every Polynesian culture has found it to be one of the most useful and plentiful and reliable resources.

From weaving mats (both fine and everyday use), to baskets (of all sizes and uses), to a myriad of modern uses and adaptations. Preparing the leaves for uses takes time and a good amount of effort to get a finished product. The leaves are gathered, dried, and stripped of thorns. From there, the leaves are soaked in water to clean and soften. They are then dried and flattened and rolled together for storage.

These leaves are from the South Pacific area called Micronesia. These tiny islands are full of Pandanus trees and are harvested by local crafters. The leaves are perfect for everyday use. Expect some leaves to have small holes, dark spots or uneven widths. Not quite as refined as our other lauhala rolls from Tahiti and Samoa, but nonetheless, a great value.

Each roll is made up of approximately 80 leaves. Each leaf is approximately 39 inches (1 meter) and averages about 2 inches in width. Imported. Product of Micronesia.

Can't decide? Order a sample of each of the varieties that we offer (Samoan, Tahitian and South Pacific) for $5.00 (Coming Soon)

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Micronesian Lauhala Roll
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