Tahiti. It's the birth place of one of the most vibrant and entertaining ethnic dances in the world - the tamure. Here's a look at where the Tahitian dance has spread to throughout the country.
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Interested in Tahitian Dance? Here's a growing collection of dance groups in America that compete, promote and conduct classes and workshops. Most participate in Tahitian dance competitions and/or entertain with shows. Many groups have been found to be very versatile. They teach and perform other Polynesian dances including Hawaiian Hula, Maori, Samoan, Tonga, and Fijian in addition to classes in Tahitian Ori and drumming. If you are looking for a group in your area and you don't see any, let us know. We will try to locate one for you.

Our new database is now available. Check it out at www.ipolynesia.com



New features include:

Dance group leader accounts so leaders can update group information.
It's a great way to have a web presence for your group without having to pay for a website.
Photos and videos uploads to help promote group highlights.
We encourage creativity such as adding information about groups, promo codes and upcoming events.
(Upload videos to exterior services such as YouTube or Vimeo and embed in group page).

More features:

Dance events (Heiva & Tahiti Fete) directory and calendar
News about Heiva & Tahiti Fete via our Facebook, Twitter and Blog
Heiva photo gallery (coming soon)
Event awards section (coming soon)

If you are a Tahitian dance group leader and don't see your group listed, sign up for a new account. We'd love to add you to our resource list.

Please note that photos and videos remain the property of their respective owners. We reserve the right to use them to promote the website only.

Visit our Tahitian dance information and competitions page for the latest on festivals, fete's and heiva that are highlighting Tahitian dance.

We try to keep our listings current. However, as dance groups come and go, we sometimes have listings that become out of date. If you find a link that is no longer current, please let us know. We want to provide the best service available. Mauruuru.

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