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Rarely found outside of Tonga
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Whether you are looking to decorate a wall or find a unique art piece, this Tongan ngatu (tapa) can be a great addition to your home or refuge. Designers and interior designers at heart most certainly will be able to find just the right spot for the one-of-a-kind handmade artwork.

Or if you are looking to outfit your dance group, this is a perfect piece to use for costumes or accents for your costumes. Handicrafters will also find this artwork a find not to be missed.

The process for making such a valuable and useful handicraft is a labor intensive process. It starts with the growing, cultivating and harvesting of the inner bark of the paper mulberry tree (hiapo). Once cleaned, the strips of inner bark are pounded with a wooden mallet (ike) on a long wooden anvil (tutua).

From there, the strips are glued together using a paste made from tapioca root or arrow root. Two or more layers of the cloth are pasted together crosswise to strengthen the material.

Ngatu is double layered. Ngatu has small minor imperfections.
Ngatu measures 5ft x 6 1/2ft.

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Tongan Ngatu - Dance Group Special
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