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After a hard day's work
The boys will get together
Singing songs from the islands,
Kanikapila together.

If the people complain about the music
Being little too loud,
We grab a couple a chairs,
And ask them if they would join us
In our jammin crowd, cause we're jammin.

Jammin' in the backyard, (Hawaiian music)
Jammin' in the backyard, (Reggae music)
Jammin' in the backyard, (wo, wo, wo)
Jammin' in the backyard.

My cousin stay playing the 'ukulele
The bruddas are playing guitar and bass,
My aunty and uncle stay singing,
And tutu's get one smile on her face.

My mother is cooking in the kitchen,
My niece and nephew running around,
People stay coming from all over
To be with us in our country town of La'ie.


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Album Pukoa Kani Aina
Release Date 1996
Executive Producer Gordon Broad
Produced Vaihi
Written B. Naluai
Composed A. Kaonohi
Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar & Ukulele Aaron Kaonohi
Back Vocals & Ukulele Sam Langi and Bruce Naluai
Back Vocals & Bass Darrell Kim
Vocal Arrangements Aaron Kaonohi
Recording Moon Surfer Studios
Engineering Gordon Broad

Lyrics, Recording and Music
© Vaihi Entertainment
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Backyard Jam
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