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I remember as a child
Tutu used to say
She said young boy ho'olohe oe
Mai poina
'A 'ole 'oe i ke kolohe time.

I get this friend name Kimo
Who too much kolohe time
He always drink his okolehau
With a bit of gin and lime
Hour after midnight
'A 'ole 'oe i ke kolohe time.

Cruising down the highway
Heading to the setting sun
I seen some girls (he yelled)
Eh, kolohe time
They turned and smiled.

Now that I'm older
My grand boy he come to me
He say Papa... he ala kolohe time
Ho'olohe 'oe
'A 'ole 'oe i ke kolohe time.

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Album Pukoa Kani Aina
Release Date 1996
Executive Producer Gordon Broad
Produced Vaihi
Written A. Kaonohi and S. Langi
Composed A. Kaonohi
Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar & Ukulele Aaron Kaonohi
Back Vocals & Ukulele Sam Langi and Bruce Naluai
Back Vocals & Bass Darrell Kim
Guest Artist, Lead guitar Kaipo Manoa
Vocal Arrangements Aaron Kaonohi
Recording Moon Surfer Studios
Engineering Gordon Broad

Lyrics, Recording and Music
© Vaihi Entertainment
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