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Here I lay
With my head on my pillow
Thinking of you
And the love that we share.

Here I stand
Gazing out on the ocean
Thinking of you
And the distance between us.

Moment by moment I long for you
And my heart can't hide how I feel inside
No matter how far you go I'll be near to you
Our love will always be true.

By and by
As we hope for the future
You and I
United as one.

Take my hand
Hold it now and forever,
Don't let go
This love just can't die.


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Album Pukoa Kani Aina
Release Date 1996
Executive Producer Gordon Broad
Produced Vaihi
Written A. Kaonohi
Composed A. Kaonohi
Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar & Ukulele Aaron Kaonohi
Back Vocals & Ukulele Sam Langi and Bruce Naluai
Back Vocals & Bass Darrell Kim
Guest Vocals L. Naipo
Guest, classical guitar K. Manoa
Guest, piano F. Vongue
Vocal Arrangements Aaron Kaonohi
Recording Moon Surfer Studios
Engineering Gordon Broad

Lyrics, Recording and Music
© Vaihi Entertainment
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