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Ain't if funny how the tides have changed?
When the sun begins to fade,
A lighted path by the setting sun
Like shimmering glass upon the sea.

Often times we stand amazed
At the sight before our gaze
Hand in hand we walk along,
We've seen it all before.

Is it just a memory?
Reflections of a gold sea,
That our lives, we move away,
Hold on please, sweet memory.

Moonlit night on a silent shore,
I'll cry these tears no more
The stars they shine before our eyes
Like specks of diamonds across the sky.

On borrowed wings we go,
Leaving behind our pot of gold
Hand in hand we move along
We've seen it all before.


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Album Pukoa Kani Aina
Release Date 1996
Executive Producer Gordon Broad
Produced Vaihi
Written A. Kaonohi
Composed A. Kaonohi
Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar & Ukulele Aaron Kaonohi
Back Vocals & Ukulele Sam Langi and Bruce Naluai
Back Vocals & Bass Darrell Kim
Vocal Arrangements Aaron Kaonohi
String Arrangements Gordon Broad
Recording Moon Surfer Studios
Engineering Gordon Broad

Lyrics, Recording and Music
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